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The office commits to excellent design and qualitative buildings, that every time and again offer a sensible response to the building task at hand within its specific context. The office doesn’t hold on onto a particular architectural style, but works from a consistent design method.

Misel, ki nas navdihuje?

Architects should always highlight the fact that architecture is a compromise between nature and human beings. Within this, they should never stop exploring and never lose hope of being satisfied.

Naše storitve

Architecture, design, masterplaning, inetrior design.

Prejete nagrade

Mies van der Rohe Prize Nomination, 2008
Green pencil award ZAPS, 2016
BIG SEE Interior Design Award, 2021
Com. for Fornače Municipality Piran, 1. pr
Com. for Strunjan Municipality Piran, 1. pr
Com. for Medical Center TABOR, 1. pr
Com. for Medical Center TEZNO, 1. pr

David Mišič, Director